// Publication of new customer magazine "Keep Track": Rail 4.0

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group provides an overview of its current service and focuses on Rail 4.0, digitalization in rail industry.

Thanks to the great opportunities created by digitisation in areas such as maintenance management or safety, railways on the right track to a golden future. A future in which...

  • …track construction machines can be maintained remotely and proactively,
  • …building sites can be run around the clock with a running operation with 100 per cent safety
  • …and railway operators know the current condition of every single metre of their rail network at all times.

We and you are all on board! You can find out how in the latest edition of our "Keep Track" magazine.

Plus, we take a look at our service areas of tunnel, where we are working on the Glatscheras, Winchburgh, Rekawinkel and Rosshäusern tunnels, switches, where we show you our entire range of services at a glance, and machines, that's all about the latest members of our machine park. We also take on location to Bern, Stuttgart-Feuerbach, St. Marys (Australia), Toronto (Canada) and Le Fayet-Saint Gervais les Bains (France).

Keep Track 2016